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“Celebrate Life.”
Chapter 17

“Celebrate Life.”

Life is a gift, a celebration, I am grateful for my life. What do you think about making each day a celebration? Making life the best as you can, I think it is a good idea. I would like to share something with you. I was taking a nap one day and I woke up to the television. The first thing I heard was heart attacks start years before you have one. I thought to myself, “what?” I was half asleep and they said heart attacks start with stress, over eating, lack of exercise, drinking and drugging. I thought to myself, “Ok I have done all those things, so now what?” I thought again to myself, “ Ok if I stopped drinking and drugging and now I am losing weight, I started walking, getting back into shape is it too late?” I paused and started getting negative thoughts saying, “ You are too old, it is too late, you’re no good, so you may as well give up.” That is what my thoughts said. I changed them very quickly. I told them, “Be quiet,” I continued being grateful for the fact that I am clean and sober. I am eating healthy and I am now able to get back into exercising. I thought to myself, “The past is the past what is now is now.” Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I can celebrate it or I can dwell in my past behavior. I choose to celebrate life and love myself today.

So how do I celebrate? I can start by taking care of myself emotionally. I thank God and spend some quiet time with Him. I can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. I can eat healthy and know that what I am putting into my body is healthy. I am getting stronger everyday. I can smile and let someone know I care. There are many ways to celebrate life. I think about all the different ways to enjoy life. Breathing and knowing you will never run out of air to breathe, looking at the sunrise is a beautiful way to start a day out, or a sunset at the beginning of an evening as the sun goes down. When working, enjoy it with a smile on your face, if you don’t like your job, do something to change that attitude; or get a new job. Life is a beautiful experience we can make it more enjoyable if we choose to, we can get involved and do volunteer work in hospitals, or help the city with cleaning up to help make our surroundings prettier. We can help the poor, we can give someone a hug who needs one. There are so many ways to spread love and celebrate life. There are many ways to choose from to help others and that helps us when we are there for someone else. I deserve a good life and it is up to me to start acting in a manner to make my life better.

I am grateful I am alive to be able to even say this and that calls for celebrating. I used to think celebrating was drinking and eating; now I say celebrating is enjoying life in a healthy and productive way. We can enjoy our life anytime, so why not start now. I will start by saying thank you for picking up this book and reading it. You are helping me, knowing that you’re reading what I am writing is helping me in many ways. One is I know I am not just writing to no one and another is you make me feel good knowing you picked this book up. We all make the world go around. People are important, what would life be like without you or me or anyone else? We are important, we can help in a positive way, between God, you and I we make a good team. God is in the center of us all. If there is no God, then there is no life, if there is no life then there is no God, if there is no God then there is no us, so we are important. We are one! We are one with God. God is love, we are love, and so lets celebrate the love inside each and every one of us today and every day.

When I really think about life it brings tears to my eyes why am I here? Do I deserve a life like this? Yes I do! Sometimes I wonder, because of the people who have passed on, people have chosen to kill themselves over different things that have happened in their lives, because of the alcohol and drugs, and here I am. I went through all that and I am alive. I believe we go on when we choose to, so some of the people that I know who passed on, chose to. We choose the experiences we have in life. Some go on to other experiences.

I am so grateful to be in this life. Sometimes I feel like a child. The child I never was. I feel so open and happy to learn things and live life. I never thought I could because of all the negativity I had in my head. The fear I created in my own head, my life was like a prison in my head. I now feel totally new, reborn in the word. I love this feeling. I saw snow for the first time I loved it. I was 35, I was like a child. I made snowballs and rolled around in it, fell down in it. I am grateful for that experience. I sang in the Easter choir. I had tears. I was able to sing to God. It was my way of celebrating and showing my love these things I am experiencing are a gift. I know I am loved and I know I will live on in different experiences just this experience I am living now is totally new to me and I am enjoying it. I have mentioned before in previous chapters I had to learn to live life over again, I am living life to the fullest now. I do not mind leaning, relearning and unlearning things these are all a process of remembering. We are here for a reason and I am enjoying the journey. I am seeing my reason for living.

I never knew I was a child of God. I know I am now. We are all so that is reason enough for me to live life to the fullest and express the God in me to the God in you. Let’s all let the love of life show in our actions and live life with love. Let’s give someone a smile on the street the next time we are walking on the sidewalk, lets shake a stranger’s hand and say “Hello how are you?” Be yourself and enjoy being you.

Experience you in every way you can with love. Know you are a child of God, you and God are one. Know there is nothing you cannot do. You can do anything you put your belief and your love in. One important thing I have started to really understand is being ourselves is very important so let’s stop being the actors and start being the real us that we are meant to be.

Before I end this chapter let’s repeat a few lines to ourselves,
“I am celebrating life.
I am one with God. I am love. I am full of abundance.
I am unique. I am full of grace. I am peaceful.
I love you (say your name here).
Say this a few times to yourself.
It helps me remember who I really am.

I am one with God.
We are one with God.

You are one with God.
I am a child of God.

You are a child of God.
For that, I am grateful and so it is.

Life is your gift, enjoy the gift of life and be yourselves.

Copyright © 1999-2006 by Angela Contrera

By Angellady

© 2007 Angellady (All rights reserved)


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