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If I Had Only Known

We shared so much in your short life,
All the love and happiness, heartache and strife.
The music we both loved was our strongest link,
Not once did I ever stop to think
That I would lose who was my best friend
When suddenly one night your young life came to an end.
I always thought I would be the first to go,
Maybe taking for granted the daughter I loved so.
Your strength I thought would carry you through,
Because I had always thought I would go before you.
If I had known I was to lose you long before your time,
Our lives might've been much different, so much more intertwined.
If I had known that you were to leave me before that night was through,
As your mother, I would've spent every minute with you.
But regrets have never changed the past...
All I can hope for now is to see you in Heaven at last.
And my daughter, there's never a day that goes by,
That I don't feel your loving spirit right here by my side.

The music and song herein relays a much stronger message
than I could ever write. I wrote this as a dedication to
Ruby (jollynoblefrog) as a memorial to her lost daughter
whom she loved so much. I hope these words somehow
convey her feelings that need to be shared.
I've always thought a load shared by two was only half as heavy.

If I Had Only Known Lyrics

By angelinmypocket

© 2008 angelinmypocket (All rights reserved)


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