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FQ Our Pet Dog

She groaned as she labored in pain
Keeping her voice so little as not to be heard
But she must give all her strength
To bring out four tiny shadows out as she lain

Wrapped in tiny dots of brown, black and white
They crawled out slowly to their mother's side
But she not knowing how to care
Wanting to love but not her milk to share

She pulled them close to her
Their eyes still closed, her voice their light
As they groped together, crying in the dark

But love cant live without feeding them inside
They died one by one slowly and she cried
For two days she kept them still, now without life
Truth she later learned how terrible the ache, they died

In tears and wailing voices she began to dig the earth
We all watched her filled with grief
Not knowing how we humans could help
As she buried her all two-day old lovely puppies into their grave

By Little Star

© 2017 Little Star (All rights reserved)


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