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Softly in the Distance
Softly In the Distance
By Janice Marie

Eight hundred ninety-nine soldiers died this year
Fighting in Iraq for freedom of the oppressed
Taps are played a sad refrain for those
That have lost their lives and given their best

Coffins draped with the American flag
So many lined up in a straight row
Softly in the distance you can hear
Taps being played from below

Rifles are swung up to the shoulders
Shots are fired in honor of these soldiers
Who gave their lives so others could be free
While the mourners cry silently

Every day there are many more
Injured or mangled from this war
Why don’t we hear about them
On television like we did before

Have we all lost our compassion
For these soldiers that give their all
They are fighting for freedom
So that this country will not fall

Open up your hearts, feel their
Families pain, as they cry
Over yet another soldier
Under the flag he lies

By janicemarie

© 2008 janicemarie (All rights reserved)


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