longing hearts...

longing hearts...

listening closely
to the waves
as their echo
his head rests
on your bosom
lulled by
the rythmic cadence
the soft sighs
of your heartbeats

a beacon
on the dark
to reckon
to follow
the naked
beauty of the night

to kiss
the sand safely
by tired feet
wading unafraid
through the
threatening tide

a solace
of the shifting
sea of sand
the lonely
and weary soul
across that vast
mystic blue ocean
when the skies
turn grey
your name
i still call

before you i stand
things i don't have
images of fortunes
crown of pucca shells
will it remind you
who i am

my flesh is numbed
my longing is thirsty
to know the truth
is it too much
to ask...

ahhhhh the thick walls
you lived in
a guarded monument
where love is feared
and beauty is denied...

but, I fear not
this night
it speaks to me
in rainbow colors
embraces my soul
with ocean song

the waves tiptoe in
lapping my feet
shells carried
'neath the skirts
of yesterday
basking in the salt air
tasting your kiss

imagination lingers
on backs of dolphins
seagulls sing a

casting my affection
against the wind
letting you catch 'em
with thine eyes...

my heart finally knows
I've found my inner peace
in loving you...


Ms Jade's BTM Challenge
Theme: Resilience

Collaboration by:
Rose Marie Streeter and XRifles

By XRifles

© 2008 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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