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Confesions of a Mad Poet

Intimate circumstance surviving encounters

with shadows through the night, fears of becoming

a man. I retrace my footsteps to the morning light

with my eyes closed.

I'm waiting for a angel, creation of an illusion

borderline crazy, many lines are written in my mind

each labyrinth is design carefully by me.

In my solitude angry thoughts will appear

where their was love, lays hatred toward society.

I carried my ancestors burdens of cruelty

inhale injustice blind eye, hide your outside beauty.

Circumstance of power shifted, our balance of time,

liberty was stomp and violated, frighting thoughts

of deception.

Why can freedom.. ?

Believe our willingness to take a

chance on reality, other them lying down

an die for their right to be here.

Hear me Laud in clear....

Our bloody reality brought us to

the twilight of racism, are you willing to fight

for your brother.

A round circle of power, hold your existence

in the palm of their hand. I'm searching for a

dream world where all us are created equal...

Our deepest fear is allowing dreams

to disappear in the middle of the night ,

hold on to a glance of hope.


© RONY JOSEPH, All rights reserved.


© 2008 ABRAH1 (All rights reserved)


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