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My Soul

Unforgettable feelings of despair,

reaching for our deepest hour,

thoughts of out body experience

transporting us to another universe.

Deceitful promises of love penetrating

our minds, an a cool breeze at the

distance with a unspoken truth.

Inhale her passion in a blink of an eye,

don't let unfaithful thoughts,

determined the balance of your life.

Unavoidable surrender is at your door,

don't eat the forbidden fruit

your naked soul will be unveiled,

ask for forgiveness.

Permission is not granted,

In you're last glimpse of immortality,

we walk through the valley of death souls

with our dead heart willing to

start beating again, with emotions of free will.

Gather the angels...

The Son of God,

has return, with a promise

of bringing back the

Kingdom of Heaven.......


© RONY JOSEPH, All rights reserved.


© 2008 ABRAH1 (All rights reserved)


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