breathing in harmony...

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blinded by rays of light behind presence of romance
images flew awry from me denying my stainless love
there are ripples disturbing waters of sweet harmony
'from this moment' to another softening your heart
seas seek comfort of shore to listen to your poetry
dusk brews in the sky silencing your muted friends

i have ridden the wind of faith my dearest friends
wallowed 'summer of thousand dreams' to find romance
known the elements in a spectrum of pain and poetry
understood the grid of your face, language of love
known loss must have meaning, the spirit in my heart
thorns annoint joints, translating pain to harmony

in a series of tongue the conflict turns to harmony
circles of 'yesterday's bliss' bared driving friends
words are webs of deceit,listen closely to my heart
an enigma found in the wilderness of sweet romance
the sun, the moon, they're bare witnesses of love
roots of living vines waltzed like lines of poetry

listen to the whispers, our sweet songs of poetry
find escape and look inward, breathing in harmony
break down walls of circumstance, open self to love
release tears that bind, lean on treasured friends
uncertainties of 'morrows, craves to taste romance
set free your inner spirit, embrace bleeding heart

old wounds hurt with tainted scars, gravel in heart
ballets of the conscience, join hands with poetry
contemplating future and waltzing with old romance
seeking shelter from life's storm in perfect harmony
eyes open wide exploring, seeking help from friends
wanting peace, keeping salvation, agog for new love

to lay on bed of roses, 'neath august moon of love
clinging tight to fantasies, rejoice within my heart
dance with happiness, make time for special friends
savour magic moments, depths of joy bathe in poetry
eyes reveal beauty of my bashful soul with harmony
soft music, exuberant yet shy smile of sweet romance

songs are scripted into poetry, proclaiming our love
'tho clouds loom, romance stokes the fire in our hearts
sincere gratitude conjured in harmony with our friends


Ms Gracie b's CTSS Challenge
Phrase: 'summer of thousand dreams'

Ms Heather's AFG Challenge
Phrase: 'yesterday's bliss'
Form: Sestina

Ms Heather's FTD Challenge
Phrase: 'from this moment'

Collaboration by:
Lady Rose Marie Streeter & XRifles

By XRifles

© 2015 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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