your words, your song...(sestina)

for you mLady friend... your words, your song

february moon

true discourses needed to relate and enjoy warmth of sunshine
like mirrors your smile reflects the spectrum of the rainbow
in your ways of deciphering my thoughts you are pure magic
endearing is your love that relates to truth is your song
perpetual newness of roses, resurrection of giving kindness
with your mind ~ soul, you offer friendship with deep passion

wild imagination, emotion pained, a bursting fire of passion
treasured memories of the past, love prints bring sunshine
healing smile that inspires motivates to compose your song
circumstances have pulled us apart yet bridged by a rainbow
your gentle soul, thoughts not spoken, felt by your kindness
through our laughters, sadness forgotten, vanished like magic

constructive arguments made us close, our atmosphere of magic
without losing your vivid consciousness anticipating passion
don't fall prey to the breath of anger hold on to that rainbow
bewithching~persistent nightmares taunt sleep, veiled sunshine
resource of dreams,its delicateness weave with silken kindness
vague images of recognition altered by the beauty of your song

with the sea's waltzing waves inspired by your annointing song
sunrise that deaden my weary eyes seeks and beckons for magic
fangs of doubts tearing my flesh, appeased by divine kindness
chains donned on my neck secured by burning flames of passion
hair adorned with exotic flower, fragrance floats in sunshine
anointing tainted pride with kiss trying to catch a rainbow

secure silence with your love, bury it with the waning rainbow
shower me of new thoughts, search sweet melodies of your song
strumming a longing, to touch the fingers of the shy sunshine
today the moonsoon flares and yet crimson skies play its magic
chiming with time letting vision wander beyond freeing passion
lest you forget, hatred~scorn is defeated by love and kindness

mutable truths ~ lies, imperfection sometimes blind kindness
golden fields are pregnant, harvest time reflects by rainbow
be true to your words, flesh is weak, desires awake passion
hold on to love then to pin it down to the refrain of your song
nullify containment, get out of depression, believe on magic
make peace with fate for your flight to the glittering sunshine

no fluttering heart or falling tears, a frail illusion of kindness
if not be able to scribble you rhymes, i'll find you a rainbow
february's golden moon my light to tread and feel your passion

smile, you are on candid camera...aloha!

By XRifles

© 2010 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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