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I sit today watching out the window
as I have done for months now it seems.
Clickety, click on the keys of my beloved
keyboard. This keyboard has served me
so well....and I have found times during
this winter to bury my face on it's top
and cry the tears of wondering if I will
ever see again another summer of a
thousand dreams.

I can remember well the days of youth.
The sun drenched sands that I could lazily
lay down upon and bake my body to a crisp.
Walk the ocean's shore leaving my footprints
behind. Water splashing on my feet and
seagulls swooping down to try to find the
catch of their day. Picking up sea shells
and looking for driftwood to take home to
have as part of my forever memories

Winter does not seem to have the
thousand dreams. Some winters, as this
we're in right now ... has been full of one
nightmare after another. My heart has
cried out to the Master of us all and He has
been good to me. He is there each day and
the Holy Spirit has held my hand and
tells me that the summer of a thousands
dreams will be here soon. That I will be here
too and pain will be like unto a forgotten
memory. Sunshine and flowers in the
meadow. Butterflies and fireflies. Nights
that bring the best of dreams when I might
travel into the Heaven's to be home by
the break of day.

There is Spring, which I truly do adore and
there is Autumn which heralds the oncoming
of the darkness of winter. Only dreams of
holidays and Christmas cheer. Little faces
full of wonderment....That is what the Winter
of our dreams is all about.

But for now....just waiting with abated breath
for the sound of the wind blowing the palm
trees. Sand between my toes as I walk
once again the beloved shores of my
Tybrisia. My dear Tybee where I have
stored many summers of a thousand dreams.
Lived them all and carry them wherever
this heart and soul may go. They were
the best of times, some the worst of
times....but they were mine and that is
why I treasure them so.

penned by Mary Anne
God's Little Whispers
@January 2008

Written for Gracie B.'s
Catch The Soaring Star Challenge
Just for the love of it.
'summer of a thousand dreams'

midi: Reflections of Passion
Artist: Yanni

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By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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