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Peaceful Moments

It seems to me,
the little things
can always bring a
morning sun 'n
sweet laughter of a
diamonds in a darkened sky
rainbows, butterflies
songs of spring,
the wonder
twinkle in its eyes
essence of a yellow rose
dew in pastures green
morning glories,
country air
sweet scent tickling nose
feeding soul on poetry
tasting every word
winter's breath,
fresh snowfall
white blankets
covering earth
holding hands with loved one
as silence fills the room
scribbled thoughts on paper
inspired by
full moon
savoured magic moments
kisses by the sea
gentle waves moving in
to lap my
waiting feet
paving roads of friendship
sharing heart and soul
giggles from the belly
when memories
capturing the beauty
of an Autumn day
skipping rope with fantasy
my inner child at play
to gaze upon a sunset
while sipping
I dance within the music
of nature's serenade
spending time with family
walking in the park
riding on a carousel
wishing 'pon
the stars
nestled 'neath
an apple tree
with not a single care
book in hand,
breeze waltzing
thru my hair
soft whispers
on my pillow
when day is done
at rest
smelling of a newborn
snuggled 'gainst my breast
to fill my heart's desire
'n bask in afterglow
grasping tight
to yesterday's
dreams still
shining bright
suppose I am addicted
just love
the taste of life
so feast upon it daily
can't ever
get enough


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Hosted by, Viking Butterfly (Anna)

By Rose Marie Streeter

© 2008 Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)


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