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The Lady At The Airport

I think about her, still,
Even though it’s been months.

I think about that lady
I saw
In the airport terminal…

The lady
Who carried
The big red tissue paper rose.

But who she was,
And who she waited for,
I, for sure, didn’t know…

All I knew was…

She carried a big red tissue paper rose.

I remember the excitement
Amid the comings and goings
The delays and the departures
The tearful farewell's,
And the blissful hello’s

And there she was,
Walking back and forth,

The lady, who
Walked back and forth,

While holding onto...

Her big red tissue paper rose.

But then,
I remember, I saw your beloved face
And I forgot all about her,
As you descended
From the big escalator in the sky
I remember I was so excited
I started to cry.

We hugged,
We held hands,
Misty eyed,
And smiling.
And then, my love,
We headed for home.

And yes, I forgot all about the lady.
The lady who carried
The big red tissue paper rose,
As she passed by.

But now…

As I sit,
And when my thoughts
Run astray,
I still think about that lady
Who held the rose that way

And I wonder
If that was the day…

Hope died.

Written and composed for
One Tin Soldier’s “Catch The Soaring Star theme”
“When My Thoughts Run Astray

By Morning Song

© 2010 Morning Song (All rights reserved)


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