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Where They Are Unseen

Where They Are Unseen

In crystal cavern of the coming age
written memory of the former page
where love adorned with hope on every word
possibility; certainty oft heard.

What was once shall surely come again
though the melody will not be friend
for some have passed the longing age, as I,
bidding adieu to dreams with hapless sigh.

Admittedly when my thoughts run astray
a spark, an ember, dream of yesterday
defies my aged heart and fading charm
then gallant baron bows and takes my arm.

For memories are made of hopes and dream
and live eternal where they are unseen.
Yet know love in memories' eye betray;
will not survive the scrutiny of day.

In crystal cavern of the coming age,
written memory of the former pageā€¦.

By Barbara Gilmer

© 2008 Barbara Gilmer (All rights reserved)


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