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Boy do you frustrate me
When ever you are late
I sit and wonder
Why I even try

You never seem to be on time
Except when she’s on your but
Or if it’s something important
But even then you’re sometimes late

And if you don’t frustrate me
I worry until you arrive
Always thinking of the things that could happen
Eats me up inside

I’ve told you that I love you
You’ve told me not to fear
That you will always get here
Just give or take an hour here or there

But that hour I have waited
In fact it’s going on three
And I’m here still waiting
To make sure you still breathe

When I see you
I’ll want to scream
Tear your head off
For worrying me

But a smile form you
Will change my doubts
And then turn fear
Into away form worry and doubt

I love you
And I always will
Just remember
About my fears

For my boyfriend

By stormweather

© 2008 stormweather (All rights reserved)


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