gift of friendship...

gift of friendship...

we are born on earth
alone with our needs
brilliant ideas
encounter our deeds

wanting nothing more
than to reach out
welcome a friend
treasure from beginning
to end...

kind words~helping hands
ever ready to offer
when troubles set in
friends are strength
and hope when faith
is wearing thin

when sad, feel betrayed
who can comfort
and restore trust
when lost and alone
who do you call
to soothe your heart

humans we are
we make mistakes
who can give us a chance
to take another step
and when we feel
we can't go on
who is there
to sing us a song

when in dire need of answers
to all troubles and dreams
a friend, we can count on
impossible not
we know it seems

like beads of diamonds
rain fell upon your skin
that's when i asked you
'can you be a friend?'

you gazed at me, surprised
yet i could see
the twinkle in your eyes
i know it's not a sin
so i asked again
'can you be a friend?'

a smile broke on your lips
with serenity and grace
yet you utter not a word
but i knew it then
to 'celebrate these moments'
the gray hues of my life
changed to golden rays of hope
the gift of our friendship
a priceless wealth to behold...

sometimes i feel peace
to know a friend is near
in our hearts we hold
this friendship
so very dear


Collaboration by: Lady Floreann & XRifles

Lady Ruby's FTD Challenge
'celebrate these moments'

By XRifles

© 2008 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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