Ole Rocking Chair
Sitting here
Just taking it easy
Rocking in this old rocking chair
Reminiscing of my yesterdays gone by
The days of my youth
how they just passed by

Once worn upon this old wrinkled face
beauty. Now old
eyes that never sparkle
Lost all their glow

I just sit here
rocking in this ole rocking chair

I close my eyes
I can feel you here
Your arms wrapped around me.
Swaying to music
of another time
You whisper in my ear
You telling me how much
you love me

I drift off in my sleep
Loving you,
Missing you,
Feeling you here with me.
Your, sweet kiss the way you caress my cheek

I close my eyes slowly afraid of losing this dream.
My hand reaches up in touches
your brow so tenderly
I find you standing here
This time your not in my dream your really here

You, embrace me. I say how much I've missed you
Your loyalty shines within me.
I look down at that lovely old woman
sitting in the rocking chair.
She wore the sweetest
smile on her lips . She looked beautiful, so lovely from up here.

We, walk away hand, and hand
Towards the Stars

I looked back in wave at the lovely ole soul
sitting peacefully in her rocking chair
Wearing, such a loving smile,
upon her lovely face



By XxSuNkiSsx@aol.com Betty

© 2008 XxSuNkiSsx@aol.com Betty (All rights reserved)


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