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~ When You Fall In Love Alone ~

When you fall in love alone
There is only an empty place
There may be some fun times
But true love? Not a trace!

You may catch a movie
Or something on T.V.
You may share adventures
As a friend, not lover be!

You may go to dinner
Have lunch while you're both out
But there won't be
A good night kiss
Of this you have no doubt!

With each and every
All that fills your mind
The questions that you ask yourself
' Why is this the friendship kind?'

Can't they hear your heart beat?
Or see the look upon your face?
Can't they sense your feelings?
The ones you never will erase?

You're told you are the best friend
No better could they find
Yet all you want to hear them say
Is only in your mind

Unrequited love brings pain
Unfair to all involved
One can't love enough for both
Not a problem with resolve

Better to remember best
Your love of this great friend
Your heart and life deserve much more
With love you can't pretend

The only thing that can be done
Is for you to walk away
The heart will heal and love will come
To you another day!

By Marlys

© 2008 Marlys (All rights reserved)


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