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Silent Nights

While I'm ready to unveil my words of wisdom,

sadness overcomes my soul,

It’s foolish to think God is not with you,

but understand the battle is never over until

we are reunited with our father.

Many nights I said to myself,

if I only knew what I know now,

I was young and full of ideas,

I didn’t have guidelines on faithfulness

what a pitiful childhood,

I was even lost when I knew my way around street labyrinths

Predators are ready to take your soul

if you let them,

fear was with me each night

Can you imagine the rituals one would have to endure just to prove your worth?

They tell you where to go, when to eat, what to think?,

I carried hatred with me for such a long time,

I didn’t ask to be brought to this insane world

I was put here and left stranded,

my veins are boiling with rage each time I remember

my dreams came crashing down and flushed to a death river.

As I hold my shinny stars,

my memories keep coming back to hunt me,

pushing and depriving my mind of any peace.

A silent voice whispers in my ear,

Eminent sorrow is at your feet

candles are shining for your unwillingness to give your soul away.

Perhaps I should let my shadows transport

itself to another universe and only then

will my purpose on life be fulfilled......



© 2008 ABRAH1 (All rights reserved)


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