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Our Coon Family
I can't quite explain what started me to search,
For any little bit of information on my Family's surname.

But I asked many questions of my Mom, that one day,
'Who are my relatives, just what have you got to say?'

With eager pencil and paper I started to write down,
All the names of ancestors from all over including, my hometown.

So one hot day in August I turned on my PC,
to see what I could find on my Blades family.

And much to my surprise I found my Great Grandma Coon,
and other's looking for their lineage on this Internet commune.

So I started posting on all the different genealogy websites,
and what a surprise, it lead me to find my cousin Rick, and others; what delight.

'Rick, are you my cousin?' Will you exchange with me?
I think we are connected to the same family tree!'

Of all the things I've learned of my Coon family line,
He and his wife is without a doubt one of my most treasured find.

I never knew about him or he about me,
But now we research togther and trace our genealgy.

We have found our ancestorson records and in graves,
And it makes us wonder, How their life's were, in those good old days

Each of there lives, mean more to us than just any old record of places or names,
They maybe just memories but there still alive. For it's our ancestors blood that runs in our veins.

We are bless to have found all of them an be apart of their lives, memories in any way,
For all of us still here, 'without them ever living', Not one of us, would be here today.

So, for all of our family here today lets take a moment and pray,
For each of our families loved ones especially for our 2005 Coon Family Reunion day

I wrote this po