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A Special Letter To Brenda ~

Brenda? Can you see that yonder star?
Can you still see her name,
Although from afar?

Can you feel the essence of her as she flies?
Can you see how she shimmers
Like the diamonds of the sky?

Can you feel the warmth of her love, now,
As she looks down upon you
From yon sweet home above?

Listen to the sound now,
Of the wind when it sighs,
That’s the sound of her, dear one
When she sees her sister cry.

She wants you to know, now...

Now that her stories all told,
That the sight of your smile
Is more precious than gold

Brenda, can you see her?

She’s there for you, Brenda

Just look to the sky

E’en ‘though the stars are far away,
And diamonds, cold now...

She’s there for you,

Now ~

Right by your side.

Let your sister go now, Brenda
Open up your hands,

And watch your sister fly.

Special words from your Mama MaryAnne,
And I quote:

“We have had many bridges to build in
our lifetimes. I pray that you always
find the road to forgiveness and that
your lives be free of hate and
unforgivenesss. A very special wish for
you from your Mama ~ becauseI love you”

By Morning Song

© 2008 Morning Song (All rights reserved)


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