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Anticipation to a prelude with doves flying through a

cloudy day a world ends between reality an illusion.

Mindless thoughts allowing our conscience to walk in

search of life itself, approach the abyss with

prayer in your mind.

Enlightenment has been portrait as a journey for the lost soul,

in reality it is written, unselfish prediction toward life will open

your eyes pass the unknown an bring you,

full circle with afterlife.

Sublime moon prolong our clarity to see what is in front of us

foggy night bring creatures from another dimension seeking

sinful escapes with helpless souls. Reality strikes the midnight

hour with no way out.


Wisdom comes poring down allowing us to feel true love

for once... Fearful thoughts cannot force us to deny our rightful

path with faith. Blessings form above are lock in a golden box,

ready to be disperse.

Tearful plea for true believers walking step by step pursuing



© RONY JOSEPH, All rights reserved.


© 2008 ABRAH1 (All rights reserved)


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