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Kinda Sad, Kinda Bitter
Wrapped up in summer sheets,
Shhh, you can't laugh.
You can't laugh.

Kinda sad,
Kinda bitter,
Watching the memories of it fade in their distance,
And not being able to do anything about it.
Do you miss it like I do?

It's hard to see the colours fade
When you're all out of paint
Or watch the lights dim on a show
That you're not ready to be over yet.
And you're all out of candles.

Kinda sad,
Kinda bitter.

Couldn't help a lot of the stuff that happend
Couldn't make it better, really,
Atleast we didn't make it worse.

Maybe it's just the growing up that's hard on me,
Maybe too much happend all at once
And maybe I missed my chance to breathe.

There are things I didn't see back then,
Like there are things I'm blinded to now.

And through the long explanations
And 'dear gods!'
Just know---
That even though,
I'm kinda sad,
Kinda bitter,
I love you.

By heyachristina

© 2008 heyachristina (All rights reserved)


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