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Me sista Rows an me wuz tryin ta work it art with all our nouse
wut we could do to drive
this demon nicotenne to vacate the ouse
when suddenly she ad a brillyunt idea
'Lets try SEX instead, she giggled
and see ow we go my dear'
well, dunno bout er
but I ave checked the mirror out
abart me self I surely ave some doubt
spose a Hessian bag mite do the trick
but don't wanna end up in the loony bin
or in the nick.
some bloke would wanna
take a sheila on like me
(I must admit the idea
did arouse some ole long dead spark)
ow do we go about catchin
one of them fellas Rows?
do we do the pub
or just solicit in the park?

Well lemme tell ya sista,
I aven't got a clue
but shore wood be much betta
than nicotteen or chew
don't worry yerself bout da mirra
day nebba tell da trute
make us gals look frumpy
ova shadows all our cute
I erd bout a club jest yesserday
da men ave money ta spare
arl pick ya up at seven
we'll ed right over there
wear yer reddest lipstick
fishnets and high heels
silky blouse and miniskirt
to make dem ole boys squeal
put on a splash of purrrr-phewm
fake lashes ya can bat
be shore ta wear yer biggest smile
we'll show em where its at

But Rows, I ave an overang
bad as a chastity belt,
me bum is saggin south,
I ave these big ole boobies
cant stay up by emself.
me legs are fine
if ya dont count them roadmaps
an Rows, there is something
I have to arkse ya,
will this haffect me eart?
I avent tried it fa years
and can't remember ow,
an I fink there are newfangled ideas
on the where the why and the how
do we have to pay em money?
I am sure no one will pay me,
me dad always tole me my brain
is where me fortune would be

I know sure as hell will beat smoking
I'll do me best to make ya proud
the ole idea of this new addiction
is somfin I dont wanna miss
I got me new slinky g-string out
put on me black leather mini skirt
me lips are red like ya tole me
is ready to go and flirt
am worried about me cleavage though
seems it goes on forever there
maybe if we get em tipsy
they wont even notice or care

Aven't ya heard da saying
more bounce ta the ounce, arm told
aft few drinks an sum teasin
they be lovin all our folds
yer overhang's a Blessing dear
when spread on back booth floor
soft cushtion for da splenda
when yer cries are beggin, more
sex it's good fer yer eart
me sista
so please dunt worry none
its's keeps us young an appy
da more dat we indulge
newdangle ideas no problum
ave a few tricks of our own
poor fella's will beg fer mercy
our road maps leadin em ome
let em git lost in yer cleavage
suffocate dem fer awhile
jest stop with all the qwestions
we knows bout whats, wheres and ows
sumtimes we gotta be nawdy
dear sista dunt ya know
dose stinky weeds ill kill us
'SEX' will make us glow
put a wiggle in yer wobble
this vensha will be fun
'n sumfing tells me sista
tis better fer da lungs

Gittin sold on this idea Rows,
but ya know with my OCD probs
once I start on this ere vensha,
I'll wanna go back for more (an more)
I mite turn inta onna them Nympo fings,
bring us all ta shame,
but on second thoughts, oo cares,
c'mon sis lets start the game


Written In Fun
The Blooming Roses



By Rose Marie Streeter

© 2008 Rose Marie Streeter (All rights reserved)


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