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Message in a Bottle

Silencing our voices is an
eternal sacrifice.
We shall never bowed our heads in fear...
Dark memories echoing behind a
bright horizon.
Our bleeding tears are
belittled by the night.
On her last breath dreams are
laboring impatiently,
her silhouetted will shape across the room,
flashes of greatness,
you will see...
These voices will bend time an space
branding shadows on the wall...
Imagine walking an eternity on
search of your soul,
instead you'll find nightmares...
In this twilight of unkindness
your thoughts become nothingness
letting a empty feeling of unsatisfaction.
We are portrait as outcast,
of originality in our minds
condemn us, if you will
we will only perish,
beneath the foggy night,
Silencing our voices with a straight arrow
piercing our broken heart...


© RONY JOSEPH, All rights reserved.


© 2008 ABRAH1 (All rights reserved)


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