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Fancy Jake's Visit To Possum Holler

Ole Fancy Jake was an uptown dude
He didn't like the holler but wasn't rude.
He planned a trip to visit cuz Lilli Mae
Now he will tell you about the day.

He went to her runned down old shack
Knocked upon the it a whack.
Lillie Mae opened the door real wide
'Hi cuz,' he said, 'can I come inside?'

Why shore you can, you big ole goof
Why you been actin cold and aloof?
Come rite in here and stay a spell
Let's talk, you been feelin well?

Fancy Jake said, 'yes' with his city voice
Just living up town has been my choice.
How have you been sweet Lillie Mae
Have you ever wanted to move away?

'Why no, I aint,' she said annoyed
I like this place I have enjoyed.
I like slopping dem hogs every day
I like fetching the cows some hay.

He said, 'but this is an awful life to live
Come with me to the city, lots I can give,
You have nothing to stay here for
Your life must be a terrible bore.'

She replied, 'uptown folks don't know the score
We got everythang we could be askin for.
I raise chickens and take them out to sell
I have lots of good stories I could tell.:

We get drinkin water from nature's springs
We raise our food, enjoyin what nature brings.
We don't have heavy traffic on our roads
We don't want fancy places for our abodes.

We do have love flowing within our heart
We have friends that will never depart.
We live simply each day by the golden rule
Even go to a well equipped school.

We attend services at the local church
We help each other out, when in a crunch.
So don't start tryin to puttin us down
When talkin about your great up town.

I like it here, here's where I will stay
About my life, I ain't got no more to say.
You can have all your uptown ways
I'll be rite here the rest of my days.

I jest know this har is my right fate
You jest go back to yo city fied smut
I likes these hills and country style hut.

Fancy Jake just tucked low his town tail
Left Possum Holler, not feeling so swell.
He had come there ill prepared he knew
To these country folk, you can't get through.

He was going back to those buildings of brick
Where he could go to work and feel kinda sick.
He liked red tape, and thick smoke rising
Many traffic lights, where nothing is surprising.

Let her stay there and slop all those hogs,
Listen to whippoorwills and croaking frogs.
He has cable TV, computers and phones
Topless bars, concrete walks and stones.

Norma Duncan AKA Mistymaiden
Copyright Feb. 19, 2008
Reposted July 15, 2008
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