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I was lost in a twilight predicting a rainy night

crystal drops orchestrating musical ecstasy,

a prelude to an arousing desire among themselves.

Moonlight striving around a belly of the beast,

maintain your course of action, don't back down.

Knowing each step closer to clarity in your mind.

Understand our dreams are reachable by holding on.

Unnamed moments move close to deception, obviously

you haven't look inside of them, I have fought darkness

on the deepest alleys with my bear hands,

fire came strolling to my inner sanctum,

turning my fear into a doorway beyond the light.

Voices from the past, stay silent for a moment

clouds gathered around a silhouette coming across

a golden bridge allowing the rest of her body

catch a breath of pure air.

At the distance illusion of becoming one with their body

have them waltzing to a love song.

Beneath a multitude of stars, shadows

become metaphor to a terrible battle underneath

the skyline, leaving us no choice to dream

our last vision of forgiveness...


© 2008 ABRAH1 (All rights reserved)


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