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Trainee Soldiers
Written for: Catch the Soaring Star Challenge
Hosted by: Linda
Phrase: ‘They danced in meadows ‘neath the moonlit sky’

Some came to us from schools to try,
We had six months to make them men,
Or they’d be sent back home again,
They’d have to ‘pass’ or say goodbye.

Some came by train and some would fly,
Start of training we’d have many then,
But by the end we might ‘lose’ ten,
We’d get them trained by and by...

They’d wade through rivers, o’er waist high,
We’d trained like this since way back when,
If knocked down hard get up again,
They’d sustain pain and still not cry.

Patrol techniques, like ambush sly,
Stealthy squads up to five or ten,
Their shadows moved between trees and then,
They danced in meadows, ‘neath the moonlit sky.

Their shadows lengthen as morn' is nigh’,
Nought to betray these silent men,
Who creep, then crouch, then creep again,
Patrol through night without a sigh.

Defend the weak they’ll always try,
Trained soldiers they - once boys now men,
Prepared to fight as and when,
For Queen and country they’ll ‘do’ or die.

By Tomfoollery

© 2008 Tomfoollery (All rights reserved)


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