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Phantom Lovers
In silence you escape me...
For there is no need for tears,
In a place where no one sees you...
You have hid away for years.

In a one way conversation.
You can see just what you want...
In the time of honest loving,
From the sidelines I will haunt...

For like a ghost within a movie,
I am here, but never there...
In the shadows of your reason,
True honesty is rare...

For you speak with need and passion,
And then you run away and hide.
As you toss aside my feelings,
As though they offend your moral pride.

So safe, you look out to me,
As you grant an audience...
With a phantom not a person,
That exists for dream romance...

And still I play that game.

By BramptonMC

© 2008 BramptonMC (All rights reserved)


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