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Reaching Through the Veil

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created by mjwilliamson01
set to the music of Starálfur - Sigur Rós

I know you.

I recognized you,
The moment I saw
Your face.

How could I not?

You are the ageless melody
That has beguiled my soul
Since the beginning
Of time.

You are my heart,

My love.

My serendipity.

I knew you then,
And I know you now,
And I will know you
Throughout the rest
Of eternity.

I know you by how
The gentle whisper of the wind
Breathes your ageless melody
Into the very depths
Of my soul.

You are my serenity,
And I inhale your essence.
And I know
All is well.

And I walk not in your shadow,
Because you let me be me,
And you complete me.
And because I knew you then,
And I will know
You again.

You are my yesterday,
My beautiful yesterday,
And you are the present
In all my places, in all my times.
You are my today,
And I’ll find you once again
Come tomorrow

I know you,
And I choose to set you free.

And I’m not afraid,
For I know that your feet must walk
Their own path,
In as much as it is your destiny.
And that you will,
Find your way back to me
In another time, and in
Another place.

And if, perchance
In a moment of weakness,
I should attempt
To hold you too tight
Remind me.

Remind me,
That I don’t need a candle
To walk within your light

Because I know you.
And I love you,
And I always will.

Composed and created for
Mz. Myrn’s challenge
“In another time and place”

By Morning Song

© 2008 Morning Song (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - In Another Time and Place (challenge has been closed)

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