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We were so young and in love.
We were blessed from God above.
We said we would love each other always.
We didn`t realize, there would be sad days.

The first two and half years were as a Honeymoon.
We enjoyed all the stars, sun and moon.
We spent two years watching the Hawaiian sunset.
We thank God and Uncle Sam for this beautiful set.

Our lives are like being on stage with each act.
Pressures of life build, it is a reality fact.
One scene moves from one to the next.
Reality sets in, and we are so vexed.

For twenty three years, pressure builds up.
My wife says she`s had it, she finally gave up.
Two of three children were almost grown.
Their hurts may never be fully known.

''In the absence of you,'' the one I loved;
''I return to loving and trusting my God up above.''

For three months, I was sad, lonely and blue;
Working two jobs just to make it through.
It was Church and single friends who were there.
They let me know, they really did care.

While sitting on top of Stone Mountain one night;
Looking at the sunset, my feelings were just right.
I had romantic feelings of love divine.
Although, I was missing the one who was mine.

As I noticed all the beauty that was around.
A certain peace in knowing God, I had found.
I got up and walked down, praising God.
I was singing love songs to my God.

I went on mission trips for ten years straight;
Sharing with less fortunate is really great.
They let you know, they really appreciate.
This kind of love will always culminate.

So, if love in life has let you down,
Don`t just sit there and frown!
Get on a different stage, in a different scene;
Share life with others. You know what I mean?

[ Broken Love in the Absence of You ]
Hostess: Creativity5363 - Deborah Doreen Allen

By poetalthomas

© 2008 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Love Lost_Broken Hearts With Gracie_b (challenge has been closed)
This Poem is part of a Challenge: Broken Love - In the Absence of You (challenge has been closed)

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