Good Night Sir Brown



A piece of my heart



An 18 lb bundle of love and delight
who shared my hearth and home
for almost 15years

Licker of hands.. chaser of balls
eater of cheese.. tongue wagging
smile getting..tail wagging little dog.

He disliked fishing, I took him once
he talked to me about his displeasure
for an hour when we got back home

He didn't care much for squirrels either
he believed they belonged in trees
not in his yard

He loved cheese, playing ball
chasing sticks, barking at the mailman,
baths, beef jerky sticks
and sleeping at the foot of my bed
whrere he could creep up to bestow
stinky doggie kisses on my cheek

He was loyal to a fault, always there
ready to just sit quietly beside me
resting his head in my lap, or to
play a rousing game of catch

He would glad y have given his life
in exchange for mine or for the
protection of my personal belongings
on any day of the week

One night while I was sleeping,
quietly an unexpectedly he went
to cross that rainbow bridge into
that special place right there on the
second star to the right of heaven
that the master has reserved for
all his wild things

Sir Brown is waiting patiently there
for me to come over the bridge
ball in hand. I can see him now
wagging his tail in exitement at the
thought that I will throw him
his beloved ball just one more time

I miss you little guy, I still love you

So, you just wait there by that bridge
and when the father calls me home
I'll come running straight to you

Till then enjoy your special place
where the food bowl is never empty
and you never ever run out of cheese

Down here I will never forget you and
in dreamland sleep we'll play.

In Memorial

Sir Brown Dog

By jollynoblefrog

© 2008 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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