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~ Give Me Your Tears ~

Give me all your tears
and I will take them to the sea
I am the keeper of all tears
for it is I who will set them free.

They will mix with other tears
from the world both far and wide
folks just like you in stressful times
who felt such a need to cry.

Those tears of hurt and pain
of loneliness in your heart
burdens you've carried for so long
for in the oceans they will depart.

Tears you've shed because of loss
of someone loved so very much
Those tears I will release for you
and your loved one will keep in touch.

If you have trouble finding them
and your well of tears have dried
bring up the ones deep in your heart
those tears that you've tried to hide.

Give those tears that drag you down
that weigh heavily on your mind
the tears locked up in your past
the ones you are afraid to find.

I will take all the tears you give
and as I release them to the sea
your heart will feel so much lighter
that you gave them unto Me.

Love, Jesus

(c) Steve A. Politte

By StevePolitte

© 2008 StevePolitte (All rights reserved)


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