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When Daddy passed a long time back
I thought my heart would break in two
Mom needed me -I took the slack
of course I did - that's what I do

Then she was 'Independent Miss'
as her life she began again
Little of that, a bit of this
and she decided she would win

So many things were on her plate
from Spanish lessons to art class
She lived her life - no thought to fate
this slightly wrinkled, white-haired lass

But then her heart began to fail
I think about four years ago
She'd often sit - her face so pale -
she prayed so hard it wouldn't show

More and more she began to talk
of friends and fam'ly now with God
and wondering when she would walk
up the path past the Land of Nod

The past six months, that time seemed close
oh, much too close too many times -
but as that hour no one knows
approached, I watched her start the climb

She was so weak, and struggled so
as her homeward journey started
It was so hard to let her go
from her love hard to be parted

I'm sure that Daddy met her there
with his heart and arms opened wide
And basking in the love they shared
the angels welcomed her inside

I know the two of them are fine
in their shared home up in the sky
If the stars have increased their shine
it's because soulmates never die

For Daddy
September 4, 1916 - January 24, 1990
and Mom
March 7, 1919 - February 25, 2008

I love you both

Reposted 02-02-2015
OnePurpleCrayon's 'Till death or days depart - Lasting love' theme

Original posting:
March 11, 2008
CTSS: Morrigonchild's 'soulmates never die'

By Nita G Isenhour

© 2015 Nita G Isenhour (All rights reserved)


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