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Do you ever dream like this?
She realizes that she can no longer surrender herself from the traveller that she has become, and this dream....this dream that haunts her daily. Oh how she wishes that she could meet him at this oasis where the water is so blue, where they just love life there, why can't she find him or this place? It's a Saturday so she decides to take a drive as she steps out the door she notices the flowers smell so amazing, she reaches down and plucks a lily from it's stem and places it behind her ear. While walking to the car this dream is becoming such a dilusion to her and she wonders what the reason is for this, why can she forget this dream? It's just hindsight I just need to let this go. As she reaches for the door handle a perfect stranger, a perfect man grabbs her arm and says you are in my dream lets go find it together.

By lefty

© 2008 lefty (All rights reserved)



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