covenant of love...

covenant of love…

“the past have doors to enter
i’ll persevere and wait”

may you hear the earth’s sweet lullaby
may you see the color of the wind
may you feel the karma
projected by his desire
may your vow be true
and you will love him forever

distance between your hearts
is not a hindrance nor obstacle
rather a beautiful reminder
of just how strong
true love can be


warm golden glow
shades of wants
whispers on the abyss
he hears when the gentle breeze
blows across his heart
bringing with them
once again, the sweet
memories of the moments
when the stars hid behind the clouds
you and him felt the warmth
of the night sea breeze
as you lay on the soft sand
the whispers of the envious waves
harmonized the glorious sound
of ecstasy and contentment


velvet chord that tie the covenant
symbol of beauty and truthfulness
veil of oneness that shield you
from doubts to let your souls
forever be bound
until your last breath

if your heart aches
seem to hang too long
and your blues are getting bluer
think o