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Believing You Would All Be Gods By Now

Collected dust of decades
warmly grey on every surface
every surface blurred and smeared in soft greys
and purples
soft rainbows in the dark

Velvet is the perfect surface for us here
we roll in it laughing
there’s not the pain down here
close down to the friendly dirt

We thought you’d be gods
& we smiled rolling around
on this grass
or carpet - so many surfaces
to collide with
& places living just out of sight

Flowing along see the shadows approaching down the path

It’s raining
it’s blistering hot
it’s grey and sad
i saw Jim’s dad
i saw Duke smiling

Down here on the window-sill the paint is peeling
dark green curls over stripey wood swooshes
and the shadows are flashing

& we felt you would all be gods
in the souls we kept hidden
only on our surface
on the pale cream of our skins
you could tell
and the female eyes sometimes
and the long hair beneath
the beast of beads
and the history of dreams
getting so high and laughing
and all these people brought their dreams

Unknown they were gods dying to be free
so many energetic universes burning bright
every moment and movement
reborn again and again

And palely flowing out the door
and bathed in stars the cool wind on us
the trees ghostly giants above us
we were drunk, high and angelic
bumping against infinity
skuffling in the dirt
in our little blisses

Believing you would all be gods by now


© 2008 KANEIX (All rights reserved)


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