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Fleeting Wings of Time.

Fleeting Wings of Time.

Where do the years go, how do they slip away? Before we know it our hair gets thin and turns to gray.
No more do we wander the hills of green, with thoughts of immortality.
No more do we walk swiftly on the heals of youth;
No more do we wait impatiently, anticipating our birthdays.
No more do dreams of fame and fortune seem important!
Age has replaced the desire, and yearning becomes the fashion, and the word “youth” becomes a two edge sword.
Thirty-five seemed so far away then; now at thirty-five, fifty seems so near.
You feel now that the mysteries of life have been unfolded to you, the stars and the moon have new meaning, hide and seek, and even sky blue.
The hill was hard and long, but now you’ve reached the top, and now it's time to survey where you’ve been; you’re old enough to know there’s no future in the past, but afraid to look ahead, afraid that the days of tomorrow will soon be yesterday.
So to you my young friends, hold on to every moment, least it files on wings of time.
Hold on as if it were a roller-coaster and your life depended on it,....and it does!
Live ever moment like it were your last, look at thing around you and hold them fast.......because one me... you too will be looking in the past.

By Don Eagle

© 2008 Don Eagle (All rights reserved)


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