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the wind carries dreams


My brush is fresh with acrylic green emerald
My palette knife scrapes the palette
capturing the waves of an unruly sea
Scrape again..
brush again..
Until the eggshell of the wave reflects the sunshine-
rolling through its transparency.

The only repetition that I care to indulge in;
the rolling of the waves.
Each current dying to come ashore

Each wave carrying the wind on the shoulders
of lost water-dreams
Once ashore
The dreams die, yet only after
The transition to wading footprints
Is achieved

Footprints absorb the story
From the soul of the ocean
Drifting from the feet
To the open mind
of meandering dreamers

Some dreams created on blank waves
Curl backwards into the riptide
Drifting back from whence they came

Lost again in Davies Locker

His Locker needs to be closed forever
He must let his ink dry up
Let the squid and octopus close his library

And let the dead pirates rest in peace
for at least another day

JFTLOI for Tearsofanangel's BTM Death Theme

The painting above is one among a series that I painted
back in the early 80's...I gave up painting for golf...:)

By Bubby

© 2008 Bubby (All rights reserved)


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