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When one has lived so many years
One cannot help but know
That seeds of time grow with love
For living makes it so

I have planted many seeds
Throughout these years you see
And all I pray - planted very well
Have come back tenfold to me

But if my seed was not the best
And somehow not sincere
Then it didn't grow with time
Leaving me to pray it disappear

God in His mercy does forgive
And life goes on it seems
One has to walk the pathway
Of life - but not in dreams

Reality is always there
All of us are quite aware
We can hide our head in sand
But it doesn't disappear

To thine own self be true
But to all men do right
Should keep a person busy
If done with all one's might

Some pass this way and never
No, never really do understand
That time goes by so quickly
Like time in hour-glass sand

I look at my planted seeds today
My face lights up from giving
For I see family and friends
Not lost within this living

Choices maybe all weren't good
But love ~ I've shared my best
Perhaps in God's open book
That is part of His awesome test

I see the years trailing behind
I wonder - where did they go
I look at my big family with pride
Wiping happy tears away - I know

@March 2008
penned by Mary Anne
God's Little Whispers

Written just for
Doreen's Challenge
'Seeds of time grow with love'
Phrase ~ jftloi
With love from your MagicMama

Midi: The Rainbow Connection
Artist: Kermit (the frog)

My love to all who just happen to pass
this way ... I pray you find that
rainbow connection ... I did.

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By Mary Anne

© 2008 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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