The Love Dance
As we glide on the dance floor
Out the door to the balcony
The street lights shadow your handsome face
As you gaze into my eyes
I can see the depth of your soul
As you hold me tightly in your arms
I can feel the magic of the night
Surround me as if it were a fairy tale
The clearness of the starry sky
Gives a whisper wind of love
As the music softly plays
I can feel the beat from your heart
My hand loosely in yours
Trembles with sheer delight
As the music changes to a slower pace
You adapt to the pleasant melody
You pull me closer to you
I can smell the chemistry fragrance
What a heavenly aroma
While we sway into the night
With every turn I can feel
The passion start to burn bright
The enchantment of this special moment
Gives me a tranquil surrender to you
There is no way on heaven or earth
That I would have missed this dance with you

By Creativity5363

© 2008 Creativity5363 (All rights reserved)


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