Dance Of A Life Time


Darling its just you and I beneath the stars,
Gracefully gliding along,buildings in a far.

Me in my royal blue gown,hair just right,
What could be more beautiful on this clear night.

You in your tux looking as handsome as can be,
Staring into one another's eyes,full of love you see.

Your arms so strong,one just around my waist,
The other holding my hand,heaven I can taste.

The water is calm reflections gleaming away,
Locking my eyes with yours,my heart is at bay.

It's just like a fairy tale, a dream come true,
Your my prince,the love comes shining through.

The magic that we share should be wrapped in gold,
One magical story of love that begins to unfold.

Held with in your sweet and loving embrace,
Magical romance of heaven I do taste.

Picture Challenge

By TinyTeddy

© 2008 TinyTeddy (All rights reserved)


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