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It was our first
day in Paris and
you had promised
to take me dancing
somewhere very
special that night
and I had bought
a crimson silk dress
in a French store
that was just right

This was my dream
come true, as I
looked up at the
sky which was
a deep velvet blue,
sparkling with stars
and planets so
bright lighting up
the deep dark of
the night

You whispered to
me to take my time
that you would be
waiting downstairs
to capture me in
your arms, and
that you wanted
to be the first to
see me in my
full beauty and
totally disarm

Slipping into my
crimson silk gown,
and brushing my
blonde hair the
way that you like,
I sprayed floral
perfume lightly
upon my smooth
skin, and the
excitement quickly
took over deep

My cheeks were
flushed almost the
colour of my dress,
as I ran my fingers
through my hair to
make it a little bit
of a sensual mess

Taking the lovely
diamond necklace
out of the box, the
one you had given
to me tonight
I placed it around
my neck, and was
dazzled by the sight

This couldn't be me,
looking like this,
surely not, but here
I was, so lost in
thought as I
slipped dangly
earrings on to
match, I glanced
in the mirror and
my breath I did

Never again in my
life will there be
a moment like this
I so longed for him
to hold me, so
hungered for his

I rushed out the
door, and started
down the spiral
staircase, and
there he was
holding his arms
out to me, my
heart so did race

The music was
softly playing as
we walked to the
rivers edge, in the
warm summer
breeze, and he
pulled me close to
him with such ease

We danced the night
away, it was so
wonderful to be in
his arms once more
swirling around to
the music, I didn't
feel my feet touch
the floor

Our dream dance
ended as the music
stopped, but not the
rest of our magical
night, as we made
our way to our room,
just up one flight,
kissing me with such
passion as we entered
our room, I felt my
head start to zoom,
desire, love, and all
the years of holding
back took over then
and we made love
like it would never

By LoveAngelique

© 2008 LoveAngelique (All rights reserved)


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