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The One Who Is Finally Singing

My ship, it is sailing, to carry me home
But stay here, my darling, I must go it alone
Pretend I'm an eagle, and you're setting me free
Just bring me your baskets of sweet memories

The sounds of change, ringing clear in my ear
Whispers to me softly, I've nothing to fear
Let blankets of waves come lay over me,
Because I am seeking, seeking my songs of the sea

My feet are too weary, my nights are too long
But angels are singing, they're singing my song
Legends of lovers, wherever they be
I'm hearing them calling, calling to me

I'm seeing the lighthouse, making circles of light
Unfurl my mainsails, I'll sail before night
Pull up this anchor that's tethering me,
I'm the one who longs for the song of the sea

Rejoice as I set sail, and fly skies above
Drown me with your wishes, wash me in love
It's so glorious, I'm just sure you'll agree
I'm going home, and at last I'll be free

Farewell to the loved ones who shared in my song
And gathered here together, to cheer me along

Oh look, they are waiting

They are waiting for me

I'm the one who is finally singing

The songs of the sea

Written and composed for:

Jade's (Sirens~Song) challenge phrase
'The who longs for the songs of the sea'

~ and ~

Tearsofanangel's Behind the Mask theme,

By Morning Song

© 2014 Morning Song (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Songs Of the Sea With Sirens~song (challenge has been closed)

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