the plan and the design
the architect and the builder
experiences are the materials
the finished structure is life

choose sturdy materials
ones that will bend and sway
with unexpected life storms
protect ourselves from desert heat

everything is up to us
we 're responsible how it's built
life is as good and as bad
as the plan and design
the ability of the architect
the expertise of the builder


be as the majestic peacock
adorning ourselves with high ideals
flaming as the mighty phoenix
being reborn with every breath taken

'life is what we made it'
we ought to make it beautiful
magnificent as well as awesome
it's a gift, it deserves the best

with complete awareness
so our lives will be complete
not a total failure
let's foresee it with keen eyes
and with deep concern


savor your childhood innocence
use God's Almighty wisdom
paint your life as a rainbow
share your beauty with others

time will tell if life is lived in peace
remained in perfect accord with truth
the sweet blossoms of memory
linger like deep springs of grace
issue forth the gifts and the fruits
of our hope, filled with sweet love
and sincere divine compassion

put only your very best
into everything you say and do
and you will not only withstand
the blows of life, you will be
life itself personified...



pieces of you ~ 'sweet blessings of memory'


a collaboration write with Nana Susan Cozzi (Brittlstar)

By XRifles

© 2008 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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