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Tonight I Am Cinderella


Tonight I am Cinderella
as you dance me ‘cross the floor,
the world around has disappeared,
how could I want for more?

The music plays our love song,
and we sway as though we’re one;
I hope the night will never end,
I pray, hold back the sun.

But soon the clock strikes midnight,
and the magic disappears,
we walk into the moonlight
and you gently pull me near.

Tomorrow when the sun comes up,
I’ll wake and face the light,
remembering all the love I felt
as we danced into the night.

I can hear the children waking,
it’s time to start the day,
so until the night returns again,
I put Cinderella away.

© Forrest Phelps-Cook

By forrestc

© 2008 forrestc (All rights reserved)


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