we are a gift
to this earth
a speck among many
you and i
the feelings are the same
we hurt and we cry
i am no better
we are equals

like the sunbird
when it spreads its wings
we felt that stabbing
loneliness to prove...


love is also a gift
our hearts can share
friendship kindness
wisdom and truth
you are my friend
you make me smile
a heart can be touched
it can feel joy

treasures placed
before us
many so rare
twilight, blue descending
crimson as the dark smiles
through the scattered patches
lie a broken discordant tune
of a love song


let the waves waltz
where they will
like young teens
playing catch, hop and ride
blessed if one of us
gets the giant swell
that can bring us
to shore, satisfied
and laughing still

passages of life
are found in different natures
they can be tastes of wines
rising on the rain
they can be in the heart
of friendship's muted music
or in the bending tendrils
of old trellises


they are everywhere
keep our eyes open...


exploring passages with Lady Floreann


By XRifles

© 2008 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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