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Attention Class

Good Morning Boys and Girls !

Today, I'll try to answer the question
you have asked me about why
we celebrate Earth Day.

Perhaps the best way to do that
Is to let you talk to the lady envolved

Hello There!
My name is Earth, I'm here to day
to show you this sketch of me
made by the the two artists
I don't care and I am greedy

Let me point out to you
some of the fine points of this drawing.
Look at the rivers , that's those brown lines
snaking across my face. They used to be blue
before pollution and garbage made them turn color

Then, there are those big bare spots
well, that's where those once mighty forests
stood. The birds and the beasts found food and lodging there.
Too bad, man needed the lumber from the trees for other
things and he just never took the time to replant.

Of course, it's only fair to say some of the damage here
was caused by fires started by careless people,
just having a little fun on their day off . visiting nature
they called it.

Shame they left such huge calling card.

Oh well, too bad, they murmered
as they jumped into their big shiny gas burning cars
and drove away, laughing between themselves,
without even a backward glance

By the way, do you see the sky up there
that lovely copper grey color is smog
caused by the machinery man needs
to live life as he knows it today and tomorrow....

I'm afraid I'm not as pretty as I used to be
Somebody needs to do something fast.!

Take a good look kids, this is what the adults
are going to leave you, this decayed and aged planet.

I hope you can fix it, it certainly needs work !
They for sure won't give up their lifestyle of pleasures
to heal its wounds. so I guess its all up to you now.

I sure do wish you luck!

Well,. I gotta go now, I just stopped by because
I just wanted you to see this sketch of me
while there is still something left to see!





Bye Bye now

By jollynoblefrog

© 2008 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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