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A Single White Rose
She sat in the old familiar
place where she used to go
with him. Everything was the way
it used to be, but then so
very different.

Her hands felt so empty, folded in her
lap since there was no hand to hold.
The silence was roaring in her ears.
not flowing with his laughter.

She looked to where he used to sit
trying to picture him with his head tilted
to one side gazing down at her with
his wise brown eyes.

She sighs, trying to feel him near
she thought if she went to their special
place by the ocean he would be there.
Loneliness was all around her, a heart
that had stopped beating with his.

A breeze ruffles her hair like the
caress of an unseen hand. Her eyes
widen with hope. She closes her eyes
saying a silent prayer that it is him.

She raises her head looking into
gentle brown eyes. She hears his
voice in her heart. I am everywhere
you are. He raises his arms out
to her pulling her against his heart.

He holds her for awhile longer then tells her it is
time for him to go and he will be waiting for
her at the end of the rainbow. With a gentle
kiss he fades from her sight.

She awakens with a start the dream had felt
so real, She had fallen asleep listening to the
waves. Then she looks down at what she was
holding. A single white rose.

A whisper comes to her in the breeze
I am just around the corner where
your heart dwells.

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By blueswolf

© 2008 blueswolf (All rights reserved)


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