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Letting the music take me over

I sit here listening to music letting the music take me; I sit here typing with my eyes closed typing to the flow of the music that is flowing through my soul. The feeling I have is so awesome it is the feeling of God touching me. I feel the chills through my spine through my body.

I feel the love. I feel the strength. I feel the energy from God the Spirit is touching my soul and is carrying me and is loving me. I sit here listening to the music and moving to the beat of the music sitting in my chair typing to the flow of the music.

It is the most beautiful feeling. I listen to the different songs; I listen to the voices of angels the beauty and peace that I feel deep down inside of my soul. Their voices give me chills through and through.

I stop and think of the love that God possesses the gift that we receive from God.
The beauty of Love, the beauty of the sky, the beautiful music we have in life.
The birds that sing to us what joy to listen to the sounds that surrounds us.

Sitting and watching little children play brings joy to my heart. Sitting here watching kittens play and puppies play. What a wonderful gift we have from God.

The free gift we receive just for being in this world.
What a wonderful life we have. I am so grateful to God and to all of you.

I wish you Joy and Peace but most of all I wish you God.

By AngelaContreras

© 2008 AngelaContreras (All rights reserved)


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