The Dance of the Soul Mates

Our feelings grow as we gingerly
Sway with the easy timely beat
I study your handsome honest face
As you gaze into my green eyes
I see the depths of your tender soul
You have the most gorgeous
And facinating sky blue eyes
As you tightly pull me closer in your arms
We begin to feel the magic between us
It surrounds us as if it were
A suspended moment in time
The ignitions of love are soaring so high
No pressures, no demands,
Nor any possible defeat
As the loving music softly plays
I feel the rapid beat of your heart
As I put my head on your bold chest
I tremble with sheer compelling delight
We see that our souls are connecting
Specifically and Intentionally
You are the greatest gift of all for me
As I am the greatest gift for you
We whisper so soft and sweet
Without ever uttering a word
You pull me closer to you
I can smell your vanilla spice cologne
Giving me chills all throughout my body
While we attain a glimpse of heaven
As our lips do meet so gently, affectionately
With every pulse of our hearts
Passion starts to consume our souls
This enchantment of intertwining for all eternity
I dare not take the chance of missing
This opportunity of Soul dancing with you
Your Soul Mate I will always be
I am so glad that I found you finally
Our destiny has quietly just begun
We both know that we are meant to be


By Creativity5363

© 2008 Creativity5363 (All rights reserved)


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